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New private commission

New painting! This is a commission I worked on over the summer - if you visited me at Bucks Art Weeks you probably saw it in progress. Amritsar is a place I’d love to visit… this was commissioned by someone as a favourite memory of time in India; I really enjoyed using the deep blues in contrast to the rich golds.

There’s balance not only in the colour palette but also in the horizontal and vertical lines; I found it very calming. Thank you to my client for giving me such a great subject to paint and for letting me indulge my love of Impressionism and Yves Klein blue with it!

If you'd like something painted specially for your walls, you can take a look at my private commissions page here.

Golden Temple at Night, oil on canvas, 120x100 cm or 48x36 inches, 2023. Sold (private commission).

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