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About me

When you discuss a painting project with me, I will ask you about the themes and mood you'd like it to include, and about the person, pet or landscape it's depicting. I work mostly in oils on canvas, although ink and charcoal sketches are a big feature in my studio practice too. My paintings feature strong colours and brushstrokes to match the strong characters portrayed.

In my fine art practice, I use paint to explore themes of identity, internal narrative and reflection. My favourite subjects are portraits and animals, because with these I can capture a moment of communication between sitter and viewer. And my landscapes include signs of human influence - buildings, boats, benches - through which we can enter the scene.

I love the portraits of Cezanne, Van Gogh and Munch and the way that oil paint's vibrant colours and texture can express a mood and capture a moment.

My paintings are intended to make the viewer take a moment to consider the subject's personal identity and what they may be feeling or thinking - what their internal narrative is at that moment, building a habit of empathy.

About me : Bio


I studied at the universities of Manchester and London and have a Master's in Victorian Studies. I left a career in marketing and fundraising to go back to art just before lockdown and have been painting professionally since then.  The story so far...

  • Solo exhibition at Queens Park Arts Centre, Aylesbury, April-May '23

  • Solo exhibition at Aylesbury Library, October '23

  • Selection for Longwick Art Show, February '24

  • Selection for Bedford Flea Affordable Art Market, October '23

  • Selection for representation in The Workhouse Gallery, Dunstable

  • Selection for Mentmore Arts Festival

  • Selection for the Rowsham Creatives show at Bucks Art Weeks

  • Selection for representation in Pops & Chops Artworks Gallery, Leighton Buzzard

  • Committee member, Bucks Art Weeks

  • Committee member and exhibition committee member, Leighton Buzzard Art Society

  • Three pieces bought by restaurant chain 'The Lounges'

  • Taking part in the Leighton Buzzard Art Society group shows

  • Feature in 'Hidden Talents' art magazine, March '23

  • 40 commissions bought

  • 50 other paintings sold

About me : Bio
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