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New painting!

This gorilla is another in the series that I painted for my exhibition at Aylesbury library this month. It has a delicate coloured background to reflect the calm, contemplative mood. Painted mostly in black and white, colour has been added to the monotone with her eyes, and there is a variety of brushwork for the different textures in her face and fur. I love her expression - just what is she thinking about?

This painting is for sale and you can see it on display until 27th October at Aylesbury Library, Walton Street, Aylesbury HP20 1UU - please message me if you’d like to know more! You can see opening times here.

Gorilla Portrait, oil and acrylic on canvas, unframed, 30x30 cm or 12x12 inches, 2023. For sale, price £45 plus postage (approx. £9 in UK).

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