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Don’t miss Anthony Daley!

A trip to Dulwich Picture Gallery today. First some brain and history stimulation with the Ciurlionis exhibition - beautiful symbolism and anthropomorphism in such delicate colours. But then WOW, the Anthony Daley Son of Rubens exhibition just blew me away. The room is a temple, full of emotion, joy and wonder, like Monet’s Nympheas in the Orangerie or Richter’s squeegees at Tate Modern. I took it all in for a VERY long time but could have stayed much, much longer. I absolutely love the colours, and the crossover between representation and abstraction just keeps you looking and looking, from one piece to another, across to the original Rubens and back again. It’s a shame there weren’t any books on sale or more explanation, I really want to know more about his process. Thank you to whoever worked on this delicious exhibition! Go and see it!

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