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A visit to the Mauritshuis

A long trek on the train to The Hague today, but what a treat to make it to the Mauritshuis in the afternoon. For me, the Rembrandts were the highlight - some of the brushwork and colouring makes them seem so modern, and the subjects are simply addressing us directly through the picture plane, with the same worries and frailties that still seem so natural to us nearly 400 years later.

It was refreshing to see that to the Dutch Old Masters almost any subject was fine for a painting, from saints to cow pats... and to see the work of so many women artists too. Since the Girl with a Pearl Earring is on tour in Amsterdam at the moment, they have a really fun project where anyone can send in their own version, and many were on display - check them out at #mygirlwithapearl !

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