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Bucks Art Weeks is on!

16 June 2023

I'm so pleased to be taking part in Bucks Art Weeks as part of the fabulous Rowsham Creatives group at Manor Farm in Rowsham. Gallery and open studios every day until 25 June - come and see us if you can, there's free parking and refreshments! You'll be able to see amazing glass, printmaking, furniture, decor, illustration and oil paintings... well worth a look as part of this great county-wide event.

More details here.


In print!

16 May 2023

Andy Warhol was right - my 15 minutes of fame has arrived with a little piece in the local paper. My exhibition at Queen's Park Arts Centre in Aylesbury has been such a great experience - but sadly it finishes this week. (Picture from Leighton Buzzard Observer)



5 May 2023

I'm so pleased that this piece will be on its way to a very special new home soon. It's currently at my exhibition but I'm looking forward to delivering it in person in a few weeks time!

It's also available as a greetings card if you like it too - see more about my cards and prints here!

Lighthouse landscape, oil on canvas, 76x61 cm or 30x24 inches, 2022. Sold.


Exhibition private view party

28 April 2023

What a fantastic private view party! Thank you so much to everyone who came along, some from a long way, it was a brilliant evening and I’m so grateful. I feel very lucky to have such lovely friends and supporters!


New painting: woman in grey t-shirt

23 April 2023

I enjoy including storytelling moments in my work and this one has plenty of possibilities… what has happened to give her that expression and what will she do next? Is this the beginning or the end of the story?

You can see this and more of my work at my exhibition!

Woman in Grey T-shirt, oil on canvas, 45x60 cm or 18x24 inches, 2023. For sale.


New painting: sunflower fields

18 April 2023

Morning sunshine and new beginnings are brought to mind in this landscape. The sunflowers are painted loosely and go far back into the distance.

Sunflowers have a special meaning for me: they remind me of how, even in dark times, brighter times must follow.

This is now on show along with more of my work at Queen’s Park Arts Centre, Aylesbury - catch it before 18th May!

Sunflower fields, oil on canvas, 76x61 cm or 30x24 inches, 2023. For sale.


New painting: Orangutan

16 April 2023

I couldn’t resist painting this face! Empathy is an important theme for me and this orangutan is addressing the viewer directly and up close, asking for understanding.

I used a slightly exaggerated colour palette, and different brushes and brushwork for the different textures of the fur, skin and eyes.

Portrait of an orangutan, oil on canvas, 40x50 cm or 16x20 inches, 2023. For sale.


New painting!

11 April 2023

This larger-than-life woman is both proud and compassionate as she looks down slightly at the viewer. Her lips are parted as if she is about to talk to us, and she holds her head regally.

I loved how the light plays with the different textures in this piece - hair, skin, jumper, jacket and of course the metal earrings.

It’ll be for sale at my exhibition in Aylesbury from next week; please message me if you’re interested, or if you want a picture like this of someone you know!

Woman with earrings, oil on canvas, 100x50 cm or 40x20 inches, 2023. For sale.


New painting!

10 April 2023

Another big portrait in black and white that will be on its way to my exhibition in Aylesbury soon. 

I really enjoyed the strong tone contrast in this one and the play of light on his skin and hair. A Michelangelo-type vein on his arm was great fun, as were the hairs lower down towards his wrists.

It’ll be for sale soon, please message me if you’re interested or if you want a picture like this of someone you know!

Portrait of a curly haired man, oil on canvas, 100x50 cm or 40x20 inches, 2023. For sale.


New painting!

6 April 2023

This portrait is another in my series in black and white on long, narrow canvases… I really enjoyed the different textures of skin, fabric and beard. He’ll be on show at my exhibition in Aylesbury later this month - please pop along and see him if you can!


New painting!

26 March 2023

I’m in the middle of a short series of portraits in black and white at the moment. I really enjoyed the long brushstrokes for her hair and the different textures of her jumper, face and hair. She’ll be for sale soon so please let me know if you’re interested!

It’s oil on stretched canvas and measures 100x50 cm or 40x20 inches. Please message me if you’d like more info or photos, or if you’d like a portrait of someone you know in this style. Thank you!

Reference photo by kind courtesy of Jassir Jonis.


Magazine feature

23 March 2023

I was very flattered to be featured in Hidden Talents art magazine recently… the issue has now been published and here’s how it turned out… exciting! 

You can see more about the magazine here.


More gallery news

17 March 2023

I’m very excited that two more pieces have been accepted for The Workhouse Gallery in Dunstable next month. 

Their Spring Open Exhibition will run from 29th March to 6th May. It will include my sailing boats and willow trees. Do pop along if you can!



12 March 2023

This ink and charcoal piece has found a new home. A fantastic customer review too: 'I absolutely love the picture. I feel I have bagged an absolute bargain... Love your art.'



4 March 2023

My first piece to sell in a gallery, this hare was part of the ‘Nature’ exhibition at The Workhouse in Dunstable. If you’d like something similar for your home, please get in touch


Exhibition news

27 Feb 23

Queen’s Park Arts Centre have added  details about my exhibition to their website!

You can see more about it here… I do hope you can come along in April! 


Sotheby’s visit

24 Feb 2023

A trip to Sotheby’s yesterday to see the Gerhard Richter squeegee which is up for sale. I loved it, it’s just so uplifting to stand in front of, the colours and patterns are mesmerisingly beautiful.

There were some amazing other works too, including a good (but not good enough!) proportion of women artists: Munch, Yukhnovich, Kandinsky, Freud, Picasso, Laurencin, Van Dongen, Saville, Bonnard, Hwami, Warhol… what a show!


I'm in The Workhouse!

20 Feb 2023

I delivered five pieces to The Workhouse gallery in Dunstable today. I’ve been selected to take part in their ‘Nature’ exhibition which opens on 22nd February and runs until 25th March. Please pop along and have a look if you can. Exciting!


Visit to the Kroller-Muller Museum

17 Feb 2023

Continuing our Van Gogh pilgrimage, we went deep into the countryside to an amazing museum in the national park surrounded by a sculpture park. The heart of the collection is an enormous selection of Van Goghs, from his dark beginnings in The Netherlands, through Paris to the sunshine of Arles. 

It can be a bit busy in front of his work sometimes, but here there was plenty of time and space to drink the paintings in. There were some beautiful Cezannes, Seurats, Toorops and Picassos too, and then we had a good hike round the Moores, Hepworths and other sculptures outside. A great end to our holiday!


Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

15 Feb 2023

My happy place! I haven't been for a while thanks to Covid and it was so good to be back. The lights and darks, the thickness of the paint, the colour combinations, the direction of the strokes, the variety of brushes... always suddenly different and better than your eye is expecting, like great music with your ear.

The curatorial emphasis this time was on 'what if...' and 'what came next' so there were some lovely pieces by his friends and early followers, as well as an examination of turning points in the lives of Van Gogh and his family. His determination to learn by doing, try different things and not to give up, and his family's faith in him, mean that so many paintings have come down to us today.


Vermeer exhibition!

13 Feb 2023

I felt so lucky to go to the Vermeer exhibition at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The variety of paintings was surprising: tiny, large, religious, allegorical, landscape, portrait... but always intimate, intricate and inviting.

Vermeer is a magician - he keeps your eyes moving constantly around the painting, unlocking more and wondering more about the plot, characters and process each time. And the light is just enchanting: flooding in, reflecting, and soaking in to surfaces.

There are 28 of his 37 paintings to see here - the most ever gathered in one place - and together they create a sense of archetypical human stories, lived in small places, with moments of drama and grace. Our whole holiday was based around this exhibition and we all loved it!


Nicole Eisenman, Mondrian, Balenciaga and more at the Kunstmuseum Den Haag

12 February 2023

I loved our visit to the Kunstmuseum! Nicole Eisenman is questioning, funny, political and moving... but above all a great handler of paint, with inspiring and uplifting colour mixing and textures. The exhibition included and reflected the modern artists with whom the work is in dialogue - and I loved the idea of artists seeing those whose work they admire as close friends, present with them in the studio.

But there was much more to see too: some glorious early Mondrians showing the evolution to the geometric shapes we know him for; fabulous 20th century pieces by Schiele, Kandinsky and Bacon; and a sumptuous exhibition of Balenciaga's couture in black. Really skilful curating which made for an amazing and inspiring experience.


A visit to the Mauritshuis

11 February 2023

A long trek on the train to The Hague today, but what a treat to make it to the Mauritshuis in the afternoon. For me, the Rembrandts were the highlight - some of the brushwork and colouring makes them seem so modern, and the subjects are simply addressing us directly through the picture plane, with the same worries and frailties that still seem so natural to us nearly 400 years later.

It was refreshing to see that to the Dutch Old Masters almost any subject was fine for a painting, from saints to cow pats... and to see the work of so many women artists too. Since the Girl with a Pearl Earring is on tour in Amsterdam at the moment, they have a really fun project where anyone can send in their own version, and many were on display - check them out at #mygirlwithapearl !


See me at Mentmore!

8 February 2023

I’m very pleased to have been selected for Mentmore Arts Festival this year. It’ll be held in Mentmore village from Saturday 27th to Monday 29th May, 11am-5pm.

It’s a fantastic event with over 60 artists showing their work, it’s in aid of two great charities, and it’ll have amazing cake (and Pimms!) in the village hall. Exactly my kind of weekend… please pop it in your diary if it’s up your street too!


New painting: snow leopard

5 February 2023

The snow leopard is in muted, earthy colours: warm green, buff, cool yellow, grey, brown and white. I used a rag to give the background some texture, and different brushes to build up the fur. Cats always seem wrong without their whiskers, but they have to be done last - very frustrating!

I like the sense of narrative in this piece - what are those sharp eyes looking at? What’s about to happen? The falling snow provides a sense of time captured too.

Reference photo by kind courtesy of Frida Lannerstrom.


Solo exhibition!

3 February 2023

Big news for me… I’m over the moon to let you know that I have a solo show coming up soon! It’ll be at Queen’s Park Arts Centre in Aylesbury from 20 April to 18 May. There’ll be portraits, landscapes and animal paintings in oils, focusing on connections, reflections, identity and empathy.


Don’t miss Anthony Daley!

29 January 2023

A trip to Dulwich Picture Gallery today. First some brain and history stimulation with the Ciurlionis exhibition - beautiful symbolism and anthropomorphism in such delicate colours. But then WOW, the Anthony Daley Son of Rubens exhibition just blew me away. The room is a temple, full of emotion, joy and wonder, like Monet’s Nympheas in the Orangerie or Richter’s squeegees at Tate Modern. I took it all in for a VERY long time but could have stayed much, much longer. I absolutely love the colours, and the crossover between representation and abstraction just keeps you looking and looking, from one piece to another, across to the original Rubens and back again. It’s a shame there weren’t any books on sale or more explanation, I really want to know more about his process. Thank you to whoever worked on this delicious exhibition! Go and see it!


New seascape

26 January 2023

This painting has a simple palette: mostly just blue, yellow, burnt sienna and white. It’s obviously very Impressionistic, with the thin lines to define the water. These horizontal marks are balanced by the long vertical lines on the yacht sails.

It feels very calming - I love how it’s about the sunset but it doesn’t actually show the sun or the horizon, there’s just reflections on the water.

Sunset sailboats, oil on canvas (unframed), 45x60 cm or 18x24 inches.


New portrait

20 January 2023

I loved the juxtaposition in this piece: the subject is quite ambiguous, but it's painted in black and white. The canvas shape is a new one for me too, and I really enjoyed working with it. I'm just waiting for it to be framed and then it'll be listed for sale, please let me know if you're interested.



19 January 2023

I've just sent this landscape off to its new home... I really enjoyed painting this full moon!


New commission finished

14 January 2023

I loved working on this picture of a handsome chap in his happy place at Rushmere on an Autumn day. He'll be on his way to his owner very soon.

If you'd like a picture painted especially for your walls, you can drop me a message or see my private commissions page. Prices start from just £80.



24 May 2023

This portrait was chosen as the poster image for my solo exhibition so I was quite sorry to say goodbye to her... but she went to a very good home!


New greetings cards

12 January 2023

I've just finished some handmade cards featuring prints of some of my paintings. They're a fun way to keep in touch and a very easy way to buy some art! Please message me or see my cards and prints page if you'd like one.


Holland tickets booked!

9 January 2023

We’re all booked for our pilgrimage to the Netherlands soon, and I’m really excited. The biggest Vermeer exhibition ever at the Rijksmuseum, plus the Kunstmuseum and Mauritshuis in The Hague, the Kröller-Müller museum at Otterlo and even more Van Gogh in Amsterdam. I can’t wait!



6 Jan 2023

Just sent this piece off to its new home!



1 Jan 2023

Delighted that this piece has been bought… I’ll be packing it up and sending it off to its new home very soon!


Henry Moore exhibition, St Albans

29 Dec 2022

I really recommend this FREE exhibition at the St Albans Musem. During his time as a war artist, Henry Moore spent time down the pits showing how the miners kept the country going during WW2. There's an amazing use of mixed media, with shades of William (and Quentin!) Blake, Picasso and Michelangelo as well as Moore's own sculptural figures. Lovely treatment of the wood in the pit props and the rocks of the mines too. And all done in the dark, just by the light of his head torch!

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